Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Walking in my mind

Exhibition at the Hayward Gallery.
You walk through the mind of about ten artists. Its fascinating, gives an odd feeling as if you were a voyeur viewing an intimate space which you shouldn't but can help entering it.
It made me feel claustrophic, sick and at the same time out of place and space.
The most effective one was Thomas Hirschhorn
he says :" To me, the cave is in your brain, the cave is in your mind...you have to build this cave in your mind and to struggle with what happens in this cave, in confronting it with the world."
His space was exactly what he says in his quote, his mind was a huge cave made out of tape with different tunnels referring to different areas of the brain. It was disturbing but so effective. You were thrown into exploration mode and going through all the different tunnels to know what the other room led to or had. Your curiosity was arouse. The rest of the exhibition was very strong.
I recommend you go as it is really effective and does what it says.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Definition of Designer

I will Now define myself by the following quote by Buckminster Fuller for whom I have an immense respect and above all think he was not only ahead of his time but clearly a Genius! so here it is : "A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist. "R. Buckminster Fuller

I agree with his definition as it is what a designer needs to be in order to succeed.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Radical Nature Art and Architecture for a Changing Planet 1969-2009 @ The Barbican art Gallery

Great exhibition , very informative. As you enter the exhibition you are immediately plunged into the realm of the theme of the exhibition. There are lots of films to watch some are better then others. My two favourite's were first on Level 1 Modelling Universe, 1976 with Richard Buckminster Fuller, he explains very well in this film how nature has inspired his work and his attitude to his work. He is a genius, I'm a big fan of his work and thought process. I wish he was still alive to feed us further more with his knowledge. Second favorite was on Level 2 Wolf Hilbertz where he talks about reef building (trademarked as Biorock) and the importance of coral. He said of his process to " repair what man has damaged in nature by men". I found this quote of huge importance as it describes very well that we have reached point where if we want to save the damage we have caused to nature we will have to work hard and find ways to repair nature, what we have done to it as soon as possible.
Everything in a nature has a purpose, a function. We need to work with nature, understand it and more importantly take action fast to stop the damage we have caused.

If we considered Nature as one big, beautiful heartbeat which is keeping all of us alive would we really continue damaging it?

MA Textile Show 2009 My Thoughts on the Exhibition

MA Textile Show 2009 – I’ve been discussing it with many ex students from Central Saint Martins who felt the display didn’t make the most out of the students work especially if you go and check out the RCA show you will understand the display is their strength but not the concepts in many projects.
In my opinion MATF 2009 show didn’t show the best of the students work. I think the research behind the project is far better and more interesting then their end result.
Or is it the way it was communicated that made this come across like this?
We all have fears for next year as it will be our turn to show a new range of designs.
Will we live up to our and others expectations?

I think we will need to put more time in how to communicate through the mean of display our work as it wasn’t a strength this year and it could make a difference.

Before the show there is a long way to go – Finding the right research question which reflects who we are and drives our passion for the remaining of this adventure and beyond as we all know the MA will stop but our passion will carry on, will need to be fed and sustained.
In a nutshell we should all make the following our mantra for Unit 3 and beyond as it will always be the right formula to follow: Use your head, listen to your heart, and feel what's in your gut.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Research Question

A research question can be simple , however shouldn't it be able to sustain research for a lifetime for the more passionnate?
It should also tackle Innovation.
What is Innovation?
I've been reading so much lately about the word innovation, being innovative , "good design is good business" etc..
Can we really be innovative and is it really about innovation? Design is always walking side to side with Innovation , its nearly as though both terms can't live without each other.
My question is how much design out there is really an Innovation?

Squidee will light differently according to where you stand

Squidee will light differently according to where you stand
©clementinedebos 2009



Creative Pattern Re-Cipe

Creative Pattern Re-Cipe
Tarpaulin Embellished ©clementinedebos 2009

Creative Pattern Re-Cipe

Creative Pattern Re-Cipe
Tarpaulin Embellished ©clementinedebos 2009