Thursday, 28 May 2009

Urban Farming - A hot topic amongst Architects!

Is Urban farming the only way for cities to really save themselves and possibly us? If Urban farming does become a reality in London, aren't we slowly going through a re-defintion of our cities as well as our countryside? Aren't we also re-defining what farming is and perhaps making it become a trendy activity, fashionable?

Urban farming has already started in America and is a hit. However some are sceptical, Dan wood and John Thackara. Wood says in the Iconeye Magazine p.073 June:"Industrial farming is not a sustainable model for the future, and fir us vertical farms are more industrial farming-just another mechanised way to produce food."
Please find the full article on Urban Framing June's Iconeye Magazine.

What do you all think? I feel very critical and find the concept very dark.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Cross-Stitching is Back!

And its a hit amongst the teens!! How Bizarre but ever so exciting!

Would any of you imagined to see a Banksy Graffitti cross-stitched? Never in my wildest dreams would have I thought to see that.
I think its great.
My question is it a form of rebellion against the overload of technology we are getting or is it sheer boredom of sitting in front of a screen which is able to do anything with just a tap? Moreover this last statement makes us feel as though we don't achieve anything and therefore need to create something from our own hands to feel as though a/ we have achieved , b/we can share it?

One of the oldest crafts is being used to translate one of the most rebellious forms of art? Is it just me or is there the most beautiful form of contradiction in this?

All your thoughts on this would be much appreciated!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Solar Wall in Beijing

Please follow the link its really beautiful.

What is Textile Futures for me?

It is Smart, Sustainable, Sophisticated, Interactive, it will offer an experience to its user, it will have a medical outcome as well.

Why Smart?

My belief is we will not be able to escape the expansion in technology within textile, this doesn't mean we will create some sci-fi fabrics, but we will need to keep our original craft skills and mix them with technology in a very clever way.

Why Sustainable?

Can we still afford not to be sustainable?

Just a few thoughts to bare in mind and see ion a year where they are!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wogg Chair


This is possibly one of most clever designs I ve seen. It has it all, functionality, aesthetic, unique and cleverness. Well thought.

As mocoloco blog stated it is

Jorg Boner's new armchair design for Swiss company Wogg is an upholstered piece with great personality. What makes Wogg 42 truly unique is upholstery that is completely independent from the structure, dressing it as if it were an ultra-modern kimono or a fashionable coat.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Droog Design in Milan

Studio Makkink & Bey's House of Furniture Parts a space within a space + furniture parts that pop out of the walls.
Follow the link to check it out. It is so clever.


Squidee will light differently according to where you stand

Squidee will light differently according to where you stand
©clementinedebos 2009



Creative Pattern Re-Cipe

Creative Pattern Re-Cipe
Tarpaulin Embellished ©clementinedebos 2009

Creative Pattern Re-Cipe

Creative Pattern Re-Cipe
Tarpaulin Embellished ©clementinedebos 2009